Brewery Explorer

Brewery Explorer is dedicated to the craft brewing industry’s biggest fans. You love exploring new breweries, earning incentives and enjoying great beer. If you’re 21+ and have a love for craft breweries, this app is made for YOU!

The Brewery Explorer app connects you to breweries in your community, your state and across the country. Use Brewery Explorer to plan and keep track of your exploration and to connect directly with your favorite breweries.

– The Brewery Explorer app connects users to breweries in their community, state, and across the country
– Allows users to easily locate, learn about, and check-in with craft breweries
– Helps users plan and keep track of their brewery exploration
– Allows users to connect directly with their favorite breweries
– Enables users to gather CAPS tokens from nearly 8,000 breweries in the United States
– Participating breweries allow users to redeem their CAPS for special rewards
– Encourages users to go out and earn CAPS by visiting breweries