Mindprogress Resor

Do you want to feel, function, and perform better? Welcome to Mindprogress Resor, where you can easily and comfortably travel to your inner self and relax both physically and mentally. At the same time, you will train your thoughts, inner images, and emotions so that they can influence and guide your behavior and actions in the way you desire. Mindprogress Resor is based on Professor Lars-Eric Uneståhl’s method of Integrated Mental Training.

Here you will travel to:

– Deep relaxation
– Self-esteem
– Future
– Inspiration
– Wisdom
– Healing
These destinations prepare and develop you mentally. You can schedule and systematize your journeys using the reminder function. During the journeys, you will connect with your own wisdom, train a positive mindset, and strengthen your goal images to live a good life and achieve your goals.

Download Mindprogress Resor today and start traveling to yourself!